Sex: Asian Blowjobs


Asian Blowjobs

Blow Jobs Sex: Asian Blowjobs

Asian Blow Jobs

Are for sure hit or miss with I think some of the best BJ’s as a whole coming out of the Philippines but the one I got the other night was in Bali where you can also get some good head. Cambodia and Thailand are hit or miss for the most part no consistency and if you find one that sucks cock well be sure to send me her email address.

Philippines the Best Asian Blow Jobs!

Like California you could tell me that they teach it in school in the Philippines and I would absolutely believe you as almost every time I have gotten head from a Filipino woman it was really good some of the best ever.  The thing that I really like in the Philippines is that the women all give head I have never had one say no to me when the clothes came off and it was time for fun.

I am sure that it is a cultural thing and like any skill the more that you practice something the better that you get at it. When going on vacation for me that

Great Blowjob

I don’t know about you but for me a great blowjob is as close to heaven as I am going to get on earth.  I received a fantastic hummer the other day in Bali and I just can’t get it off my mind it was one of those toe curling almost painful orgasms that leave you super sensitive for a couple minutes after you finish cumming. Asian Women want to please there man so if you have a Asian Girlfriend many times you can train them so that they do it just the way that you like it.  Try telling a western white woman that she needs to work on it and she is going to cut you off because of course she gives great head and you are an asshole for saying that she doesn’t!.  Different guys like different things and being able to guide the woman towards your preferred way is a real turn on.  Do me a favor and put some comments in on what you like a woman to do as part of her giving you pleasure.  is it using her hands, tongue swirling? positioning?  Let us know in the comments thanks.

Sexy Asian Women

Asian Sex Dating Sex: Asian Blowjobs

Asian Sex Dating

Guys if you have never had sexy Asian woman it is not too late regardless of how old you are or how out of shape you are. For Asian women  they really desire and want a man that is going to take care of them and if you are caring extra weight that just shows them that you are wealthy.  I have sexy babes come up and pat my belly all the time and they smile and let you know hey I want man!

Get in the game for beginners try Filipino Friend Finder as the Filipino Women all speak good English and they like to practice, or if you want hard core sex get on Adult Friend Finder  which is a very cool site as you say what you are looking for sexually and they say what they are looking for in sex and then you find a good match and go for it!

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Sex Vacation ?


How about a quicky Sex Vacation?


Tijuana Sex Vacation Sex Vacation ?

Tijuana Sex Vacation

What to do if you need to get a quicky in?


Well having gone to a few of the bett

Perfect Tits Sex Vacation ?

Perfect Tits


Asian Sex Dating Sex Vacation ?

Asian Sex Dating

locations where it is highly likely that you can find sex, we were actually stuck with this

Sexy Thai Woman Sex Vacation ?

Sexy Thai Woman BangCock

dilemma of only having 4 days available. Some of the places we considered were     Costa Rica, Cuba, Thailand, Philippines, Las Vegas USA and Mexico.


Costa Rica


We were actually looking at maybe a short trip to Costa Rica which having been there before for a week was a worthwhile trip, a little expensive, but the ladies were super hot and I mean bite your hand hot, the weather and food are also quite enjoyable.  We had scheduled a trip before there for 4 days and ended up extending our trip to a week and that added several hundred dollars, the biggest advantage of Costa Rica if you are coming from the USA is that there is no jet lag




We ruled out pretty quick for a few reasons one of the biggest being the political troubles you could still go there no worries but I would suggest that you go straight from the airport to Pattaya where you will find lots of action I am guessing that lots of the Bangkok ladies are probbly figuring out that that is where the western men are going and head down there which is that is true is going to lower the prices for the nocturnal entertainment as there are less tourists and more horny women around looking for the now scarce commodity of horny men.  The biggest reasons not to go and enjoy the land of smiles is the cost of the flights and the jet lag issue. For 4 days too far even for excellent hunting conditions.




Always a good time we love the fact that most of the Filipinos speak English and they are very friendly towards Americans and will readily latch on to you at various body parts for the shot at getting to the USA.  Again the price of the air tickets  and the jet lag make a 4 day or even a week trip just not worth it. For the PI 2 weeks should be the minimum but I know guys that will do it for 10 days if the case of blue balls is severe enough.




We did the research for this and it is doable but like Costa Rica a little expensive.  There is also the chance that Uncle Sam could get pissed at you for traveling there. Lots of guys have done it via Canada or through Mexico.


We found ourselves where we had a scheduled trip to Las Vegas that the purpose of the trip was canceled but we all ready had the plane tickets and the time leveraged out of our work schedule.  Many would stay in Las Vegas for the 4 days and look for some sex action there. but having been there many times before and been disappointed we looked at the map and less than 5 hours away by car is Tijuana Mexico.


Sex in Tijuana


Zona Norte is a area of Tijuana that the Mexican Police do not enforce prostitution laws and is very safe place to go to find ladies of negotiable virtue that are very interested in making your acquaintance and joining at the hips and lips with the goal of making you happy.  Stay tuned as we detail out our adventure!

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Sex Dating A Broad?

Asian Sexy Filipino Hottie Sex Dating A Broad?

Sex in the PI

Sex Dating A Broad?

Why go long distance for dating opportunities?


People sometimes ask me why go all the way to places like Bangkok Thailand China or Costa Rica to look for sex partners and I ask why not.  In most of these places your expenses while you are there are so much cheaper than in the USA or Europe.


Bali Indonesia Great Action

Take Bali for instance, there are lots of horny women running around looking for romance. You can get a decent hotel room for as low as $15 a day and less if you don’t want air con and for most of the year that is the way to go anyway as the weather is perfect.


Food is cheap if you go native in Bali you can get a great tasting, filling, healthy meal for under $2 without trying.  We are talking fresh fish, fresh veggies and rice with  no or very little potatoes, sure you can find them but why, rice is a lot more healthy any day of the week than french fries or a baked potato with the fixings.  I many times will get a fresh coconut for under $2 or a fruit shake like banana or papaya mango usually under $3.  Indonesia is a Muslim Country so the alcohol is a bit more expensive but even there it works out to less than what you would pay for a beer in most bars that are worth going to.

 China Sex Millions of Choices

China Sex Glow Sex Dating A Broad?

China After Sex Glow

China there are literally millions of hot women with a little know fact that there are more Chinese learning English and they like free English lessons from Native speakers, that would be you! Go have fun and meet lots of women or should I say have lots of women come up to you.

Thailand Sex Dating Capitol, BangCock!

Sexy Thai Woman Sex Dating A Broad?

Sexy Thai Woman BangCock

Thailand the women have it down to a science they see western men as there ticket to the land of plenty and they know that with all of the competition from other Thai women that they need to keep you interested and not putting out sexually they know is a sure fire way for you to turn your attention elsewhere so getting laid is really easy for the young guys, not so hard for the older guys.


Another way to get laid is to click on the links on the side of this blog.  A women who is advertising on a dating site is a lot more likely to be interested in meeting people for sex  on average than any other place that you can go to looking for romance. Much better odds than a bar or church .


Good luck and good hunting!

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New Years Sex?

Costa Rica Sweetheart New Years Sex?

Costa Rica Sweetheart


Asian Sex Dating New Years Sex?

Filipino Women are masters of the blow job.Sex

If what you are doing to get sex is not working why not look at something new?

I have found that using online resources that I am getting in front of the people that are looking for some action rather than trying everyone who I THINK might be interested.

The Fantasy

How many times does someone smile at you and you have the internal conversation are they interested in me? and then the fantasias start and then you actually take some action to see if they are interested and it was just a nice smile? Bummer all that emotion wasted Again!

Well that is why looking where others are looking is where it is at.  We have talked about bars before but lets review many of the people bars and nightclubs are in relationships and are not interested and some just got out of a relationship or got a divorce in the last year and they are defiantly not interested and will waste your time as a proxy for the person that left them or they just want to get a buzz.  Sure every now and then it works but think about how much time and money you have invested and look at the return in Sex?

Plenty of Fish Matchmaking

Now if someone is on a dating site like Plenty of Fish or in my experience are tire kickers and hopeless romantics I mean when I see hopeless romantic I am off to the next dating profile as their heads are still in the white knight or horny playboy bunny is gonna plop down in their laps mindset, Really!

Click the Add and make your new move now!

Mexican Ass New Years Sex?

Sexy Mexican Ass!

When they get to the friend Finder especially Adult Friend Finder they want sex and a relationship which is OK for me as I don’t want to spend months getting to where you are going to get turned down  or get laid and then find out they are horrible in bed, you know what i mean, having someone who hates to give head and you find that out after you are all ready in it. Why not get what you NEED to be sexually satisfied.

Click the Add and make your new move now!

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Tijuana Sex in Mexico


 TJ Sex in Mexico e1388081232991 Tijuana Sex in MexicoTijuana Sex!

If you find yourself in San Diego or even LA you owe it to yourself to go down and check out the sex action in the Zona Norte which is the red light district just over the border about 6 blocks from the US crossing at San Ysidro.

Safe and Fun!

The ladies are hot and plentiful and the security is all over the place. For many guys the deal is like Tijuana is real dangerous and I say yeah if you are stupid drunk or walk out of the Zona Norte late at night you could have some problems but if you stay in the zone you can have a great time with lots of sexy Mexican women and a few from other places as well.

Hong Kong Club

We have had a great time at the larger bars that have hotels semi attached.  Our favorite is the Hong Kong club which has tons of ladies that preform on stage and then you can buy them a drink and chat them up.  which while you are chatting them up they are felling you up checking out if your gear works !  Lot of fun!

Affordable Rooms

We like that you can rent the room by the night and can have as many lady friends over as you like as many times as you like.  At $50 USD you get a small but comfortable room if you remember try to get a room on a high floor if you want to get some sleep after 6PM it gets pretty noisy! I like to get there around noon and get some action in and then get some real tacos on the street take a nap or walk around and then head out for the night time action.

Take a Taxi to and from the Border $5


Any time is a good time to get there as you just walk the border and there is never a line heading into Mexico.  The best time to leave if you don’t want to have a line at immigration is between 11PM and 3 AM i myself try to time it so that I hit the border right at midnight.

During the day time I sometimes will walk from the border to the zone.  If you keep an eye on the big arch you will find your self two blocks from the Hong Kong Club and Adelitias which is the other real big club.

First timers

If you are there for the first time take a taxi.  Don’t

Tijuana Sex in Mexico Tijuana Sex in Mexico

Tijuana Sex in Mexico

bother changing Dollars to Pesos as they prefer the dollars and that is everywhere.  Unlike other places they will take Americano change as well so again don’t bother changing money unless you are going to be there for a few days then it works for buying tacos and coffee and such you will save a little money.

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