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Asian Sex

We are about Asian Sex. Finding Sexy Asian women for many reasons including sex, dating, escorts, marriage and long term romance.


We have traveled to many of the hot spots in Asia including all of Thailand. Bangkok, Pattaya and Chang Mai being the most popular for most western men out on the prowl in the Land of Smiles.


Another one of our favorites is the Philippines and the reason is very simple the amount of English that is spoken there means that the likelihood of finding a lady that you can talk to makes this a strong reason to visit the Philippines.  Being a mostly catholic country has a few benefits as well. Our favorite is that they give some of the best blow jobs on the planet behind maybe only LA.

Some of the best places to go include Manila, Angeles City, Cebu City and Subic Bay.  There are lots of other places that you can go in the Philippines to find action as well.  The PI can be a little rough but once you get to the beach cities and islands the atmosphere is very relaxed and mostly safe.


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