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Best Girlfriend Place in Asia?

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A good argument can started with this question if you get a bunch of guys together that have been in asia for a while and have traveled around but the two places that always make it into the argument is Thailand and the Philippines.

Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Chaing Mai all have great areas where a new guy to Asia can go and find a Smoking Hot Asian Lady in the time it will take you to read and comment on this blog post.  Most of the ladies come from the Isan area of Thailand and they have been cumming to these hot spots for generations now.  The problem with this is that they are taught the game pretty darn fast and the saying is you can take the girl from the bar but you can’t take the bar from the girl so for many this is now just a pleasure spot and if they are looking for a serious girlfriend they are going to look other places and don’t get me wrong there are lots of great ladies in these parts but for many the thrill is gone and now it is all about the grind.

The Philippines while not as nice a place a Thailand has literally thousands of really nice girls that sincerely want to be your girlfriend and they are not bar girls so the dating scene is a bit different but if you have the time it is worth the effort.  If you want to get laid quick you can certainly find that here especially in places like Cebu City and Manila.  But if you want someone to take home to meet the parents you might look just about anywhere else in the Philippines and find some quite stunning ladies that will melt your heart as well as your short leg!

Another place that you might look if you are advanced is Cambodia but that really takes some time and you need to know the ropes before you venture off the beaten track out there.

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