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Sex, Asian Women & White Men!

Asian Women White Men & Sex!

Asian women white men

Sex Asian women White men

I recently was overheard talking to a couple of coworkers in the USA about having sex with an Asian Women whose patronage was a French White man and Thai Asian Women and I was commenting that she was very beautiful and very sexy and this White woman who overheard was giving me a hard time about it and I am thinking to myself that this is the one of the reasons why I go with Asian women, they are not so demanding and judgmental as the white women that I know.  Everyone of whom seems to have a secret list of superman attributes that a man must have to be considered, up until the time that they are horny, them lucky them they just pick a guy, preferably not from where they live, and hopefully somebody they will not need to see daily and have sex with them and them and then go back to busting western man’s balls again.  They let you kiss their ass but that is it!

So why is so this so hard to understand for the white women the Asian Women White Man sex thing maybe they do understand that here in America they control the deal and in Asia the man controls it.  If a Asian woman is interested in you she will give you subtle hints and it up to you if you miss it o well but if you talk them up then you are going to get somewhere.  in the west if you show any interest in a women she thinks that there must be something wrong with you or you have a wife WTF?  how can you get laid  well I tell you SCREW western women and go to Asia and get a real girlfriend that understands that having sex is part of life not one thing that you do once a year.  I had this one girlfriend that she though that giving me a BJ on my birthday was all she needed to do to keep me happy NOT!

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