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Apparently a new rule in Phnom Penh Cambodia that has been put into place is that at the Cambodian massage places is that they are no longer able to have the wedding cakes, where the Women that were available to be your massage specialist would be in rows several high, and you could chose from the whole of the roster of the massage parlor. This is a real drag as you would like to see the person that you are going to be spending the next hour or more with and will be rubbing all over your body.

One of the great things about the massage parlors in Phnom Penh is that they have Asian women from all over Asia. In some of the more upscale clubs you would have a choice of women from Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China even Russians which was a great way to get to know more about those countries by talking to the masseuse while she was doing you on the table.

Phnom Penh is becoming less and less friendly to the working women and there are reports in the local newspapers saying that they are aggressively going after freelance escorts that are hanging out on the street. Phnom Penh has never really been a place where western men would look for escorts on the streets and the reason is very simple it is safer and more fun to meet them in commercial business like bars restaurants and clubs.

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