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Russian’s Walking Street Pattaya Thailand

Russian on Walking Street

Check out this super sexy Russian Woman on Pattaya Thailand Walking street. you vcan always spot the hot Russian ladies that are in the game in Pattaya.  It use to be Bangkok Sex spots like Nana they would be around as well but today the sex in Bangkok withthe Russians is not very good as the ladies are over the hill and ugly. pattaya street walkers are way more plentiful and good looking.

So the best way to spot them is that they usually do not have big bags or cameras.  The Russian ladies also tend to move down walking street in packs very rare that you will see one walking alone as a general rule.

In Bangkok the place to spot them was the Subway on Suhkumvit Soi 11, now the place to look is over by the Grace Hotel.  Most of them are large assesd which is what the guys at the Grace Hotel seem to prefer.

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