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Pattaya Thailand Sex Shows


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Asian Sex Dating

Pattaya Sex Shows Thailand

One of the hottest sex shows I ever saw was on a recommendation from a friend that lives in Bangkok Thailand. We went in to the sex show expecting to see the same stuff that you can see in the Bangkok sex shows but we way surprised at the difference in the quality of the show.

GoGo bars in Pattaya ThailandWalking Street

There are a couple of places that are just off Walking Street one is called the windmill club a

nd the Thai ladies they had working there were really working it! the cool thing about Pattaya is that there is a lot of choices and you can go for raunchy or you can go for something you can bring your girlfriend too which you see a lot of in Pattaya where the guys will bring there ladies and sometimes that can be fun as well.

One of the ones that we recommend for good clean sexy ladies is Roxy we always have a great time in there and the drinks are fairly priced compared to some of the other places that we have been into .

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