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Favorite Sex Dating Locations

One of our favorite things to do is to go and discover new places where the women are friendly and are not opposed to having sex with guys that they have just met.
In the USA if you are a middle aged guy you could go for years before one finaly has sex with you and then she is ussualy drunk or stoned. Why is that? One good guess is that the women wear the pants when it comes to sex in the west.

In Asia and for that matter in a lot of Central and South Americia the pants are on the men and you can get laid on a regular basis as the women wants a man around to help with things. So the women are on the prowl just like the men are and this leads to even middle aged guys getting laid by women even the younger ones by that we mean the 22 to 28 year olds that most guys will agree is the best aged ladies for sexcapades.

So getting back on track one of our favorite places to look for sexual adventures is in the Philippines.  One of the main reasons is that there are so many of thenm that speak English and this makes the hunt and the verbal playing so much fun.  Manila while it has a lot of places where you can go and meet them like the Robbinsons stores or the malls the Flippino ladies there are a little jaded.

Cebu city is a great place you have a huge mall called Ailla Mall that is full of ladies that are interested in meeting western men and they will sometimes even come up to you and start vconversations.  There is also close to the palace another small mall by the big circle and the talest building in the Philippines a strip where there are lots of restaurants and a few night clubs.  Hang out there at night for a few nights and I can just about promise that you will get some action just by being there.

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