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Sexy Asian Women Vrs Western Women?

When will I learn ? I am walking through a store in Phnom Penh Cambodia and I see this western woman and she is OK I mean you would do her for sure if you were back in the west but if you had a choice she would be sitting against the wall in any high school dance. So I smile at her so what do you think her reaction was, wrong, she was a typical western chick that is 30 years old, a little over weight (unfortunatly did not affect her tit size). She looks at me as if I had told her that I wanted to fuck her, obviously this one just got here in the land of plenty, where men are men, and western women buy their own drinks! I allways forget once I get out here in Asia what a big difference in the attitudes of the women Asian vrs western. Now I have a Vietnamese lady that I casually spent time with, I call her up I say “we do dinner then you do me” she laughs and says what time? Now that is the way that it is suppose to be, not where you get pussy willed to you or you get one that is trying to piss her boyfriend off and fucks you to get even with him, poor scmuck! So the problem for you is if you are not here in Asia what sdo you do? well the answer is in the pictures on the side Go and get a subscrition to friend finder, Adult friendfinder and get a western chick that is looking to get laid! They advertise on those sites becuase they are horney so if they are writing and responding to the personals that means they want some action you can get a subscription for as little as $10 shit man that is less than the pice of two movie tickets! What are you waiting for somebody to feel sorry for you and put you in their will and leave you some poon tang?

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3 Responses to “Sexy Asian Women Vrs Western Women?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mate you ain't kidding ! Sexy Asian Women there are fucking millions of them here in Asia mate!

  2. Chuck Miser says:

    Where do you think the hottest Asian Ladies are?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aw Mate that is a tough one Bali is good Bangkok and Pattaya Thailand but for my money China is the best for Asia Women who like to Dance if you know what i mean!