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Japanesesex Cougars

Japanese Cougars


Japanese Sex is kind of wierd if you are a western and you do not speak the language.  Japanesse women like to be taken which is kind of touchy if you know what I mean.  I have never had one just throw themselves at me.  I have talked to many guys that have been with Japanese Women and they all say the same thing.

I first found out about this when I was living in Hawaii back in the 90’s and my roommate spoke some Japanese and he was allways taking them out and he was the
one that turned me  on to this.  Actually it is pretty kinky, it is like make up sex all Japanese Sex Cougers loose in Hawaiithe time!

Hawaii is a good place to find hot Japanese women or any Asian women for that matter.  Waikiki has a ton of them walking around on any particular day.

Tokyo Ikebukuro I allso had a some luck around the train station.  In this area there are thousands of women shopping and comuting and going to lunch and what not just look lost and they are allways willing to help you get them laughing and you are on your way. They have this thing where they are trying to break the man dominance thing so they are going out and fucking western men just for the experience. No shit, and that I am telling you is some very hot sex asian style!

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