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Pattaya Sex Vacation

Some people might be shocked if you told them you were taking a Pattaya Sex Vacation.   But if you went on to describe the postcard beaches, tropical climate, incredible night life and thousands of young willing beautiful women there, they might find themselves  hipping out their credit cards and checking to see if there are any remaining seats left on your flight.

Pattaya, Thailand is a unique world class city of around 300 thousand inhabitants about 100 miles Southeast of Bangkok.  To understand the city, it helps to know a little about its history.  The name Pattaya originates from the name of a famous Thai warrior Phraya Tak who marched to an area where Pattaya sits today to conquer the surrounding territory.
When he met with his adversary, the man was so impressed with the dignity of Phraya Tak and his well disciplined army that he surrendered without a fight.  The city of Pattaya is what grew out of this peaceful alliance. Pattaya started as a city with a peaceful tolerant heritage and remains so today.

Horny Americans Invade

For centuries,Pattaya was a small fishing village. But a change occurred on April 26, 1961,
when the first group of about 100 American servicemen who were fighting in the Vietnam
War arrived in Pattaya for relaxation.  From this beginning, Pattaya became a popular beach resort which now attracts over 4 million visitors a year.  Fishermen’s huts along the beach have been replaced by resort hotels and retail stores, including Asia’s largest beachfront shopping mall, the CentralFestival Pattaya Beach Mall and hotel (Hilton).

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Bangkok sex for the taking

Sex Destination

Because Pattaya is an international city and popular tourist destination, it naturally attracts more than its share of young beautiful women from a large area who become
residents or who travel into town from surrounding villages.  They come for jobs, opportunities, excitement, the non-stop nightlife scene and yes, to meet men.  Pattaya women are easy to meet and they have a preference for Western men.  However, there
are some simple customs you’ll need to learn if you want to hook up with them.
Thailand is swimming with so many cute and adorable women that the reality will beat down anything you can imagine.  They are friendly and admire Western men.  But don’t let your enthusiasm and their buying signs impede your judgment. You’ll be tempted time and again to reach out and make physical contact.  Don’t!  As much as you may be inclined, you can’t just plant a casual kiss on her cheek whenever you please … unless you want to immediately become an outcast in Thai society!  There are certain things about Thai culture that you NEED to know. Before you leave be sure to do some simple research so you know how to hook up with Thai women on terms that are acceptable to them.

Thai Women Sexy Pattaya Sex VacationFind Thai Women Looking for Western Men!

You won’t have any trouble finding women to hook up with either.  Thai women want to meet Western men and they will plant themselves in places where they are easy to find.  For example, there are hundreds of nightclubs, beer joints, go-go clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, discos, massage parlors and assorted hangouts populated with thousands of Pattaya bar girls.
The nightlife in Pattaya is aimed specifically at the male holiday maker. Young or old, decrepit, disheveled, over or under weight there will always be someone willing to make his acquaintance.  The bar girls in Pattaya are there to help you party and spend a little of your holiday cash.

Prostitution is illegal and the bar girls will readily tell you there is no prostitution in Thailand.  If you take a Pattaya Sex Vacation, you won’t need to pay to sleep with prostitutes, bar girls or hostesses; but you may need to pay them to leave in the morning!

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