Pattaya Sex – Pattaya Bar Scene

Pattaya Sex – Pattaya Bar Scene

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If you want to take the ultimate guy trip then you really  need to check out the Pattaya bar scene where Pattaya sex is on the call
list.  No, you can’t order it up like  some single malt scotch, but you might think so when you see for yourself just
how friendly the Thai bar girls are, and how many beautiful women adorn the
clubs throughout this vacation paradise.

For many, the biggest issue they will face when first
visiting Pattaya is where to start on your quest for fun, food and of course,
sex.  Many first time visitors will want
to start in an area including and surrounding Walking Street.  Off of Walking Street there are numerous Sois
(side streets) and they offer their own unique character.  Some are pricier and more upscale while
others feature open air environments and are great for people watching or just
hanging out.

Walking Street is really the heart of Pattaya.  There you will find people of all
descriptions including moms and dads with kids in tow to the very serious party
animals.  The attraction here is the sex
trade.  Either to gawk at it as if
visitors to the zoo or to participate.

The main entertainment area on Walking Street extends for
about five football fields in length. Here you’ll find open air pubs, discos
and gogo bars.  Many have live music but
the noise can be a bit much as clubs compete for your attention with a
cacophony of sounds and sights.

There are many sois or side streets to explore just off of
Walking Street.  Look for people
promoting their clubs on the corners of side streets for special deals.  It will also give you some idea of what lies
down the street without actually having to first explore on foot.

No matter what your preferences, Walking Street is a must do
on a first trip. However, don’t get stuck there as it may be the heart of
Pattaya but there is more soul elsewhere.

Soi 2 and 3 Area

This area is dominated by large open air complexes and
soapy massage parlors.


Soi 6

For many guys, this is the wildest and sometimes most
intimidating area you will visit.  The
women here are aggressive and if you’re not used to it, you would be advised to
bring along a companion familiar with the scene to give you a tour.  There are closed in bars here and some have
rooms upstairs for short term encounters which can be very convenient.


Sois 7 and 8

This area is similar to Soi2 and 3 and is dominated by
open beer bars.  Be cautioned that the
area is noisy but there are plenty of options to keep you occupied for quite
some time.




Soi 13s

This area comprises Sois 13, 13/1 and 13/2. Soi 13/1 and
is commonly known as Soi Yamato and Soi 13/2 Soi Post Office.  Here you’ll find a combination of closed air
conditions pubs, open beer bars and gogo bars.
Some offer upstairs rooms for short term occupation.


Pattayaland Sois

Sois 13/3 and 13/4 are known as Pattayaland 1 and 2. This
area is dominated by gogo bars with small open air beers in the mix.  This area has been steadily shifting to
catering for gay tourists.


A trip to Pattaya is surely a unique experience that
every guy needs to put on his bucket list and then see it through.  You won’t find anything quite like Pattaya
sex as experienced through the Pattaya bar scene.

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