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Asian Sex Vacation?

Asian Sex Vacation

Where to Start

Where does one start to have the best Asian sex vacation . We have talked a bit about this on the Asian Sex Blog basically you need to decide a few questions once you have answered a few questions it gets easier to narrow down your search of places to find sex in Asia!

Asian Sex Dating


Budget How much can you spend in total including airfares and holiday expenses? Some of the South East Asia countries are significantly cheaper to travel to and around places like Cambodia Philippines and Indonesia it is possible to travel on less than $50 a day in Thailand, China and Malaysia it is a bit more, then you get Japan and Korea and the costs go up dramatically.

Sex in Vietnam

Girlfriend experience

Girlfriend experience, wife hunt or find sex partners? I have seen guys come out to Asia maybe 3 or 4 times and head to the British or USA embassy's for a marriage or Fiancee visa. Most of the times they are not pregnant, the guy was just tired of being alone wanted a partner and found that unlike in the west, there are lots of very sexy Asian Women that would love the opportunity of living a Western life style with an average hard working man. Many guys just like variety to their sex life and go and have as many sexy Asian Women as they can handle. Some guys go for the girlfriend experience and date the same lady exclusively for the time that they are in that town or country and then have a new girlfriend at the next country that they go to. Lets face it it is a good feeling to have a pretty woman on your arm and in your bed at the end of the day.

Asian Sex Holiday

World Traveler?

Have you traveled abroad before. Going to a place like Bangkok or Pattaya where the guys have been going for a long time is real easy with lots of information on where to go and what to do. then you get to places like Laos or Mainland China and it is a very different ball game where there is very little information or it is dated. Then you have places like Vietnam where the police are looking to get paid and they play expensive games on you. Indonesia you can have the misfortune of running into gangs that use the women as bait to lure you into bad investments or con games like the girl has a gambling habit and you as her boyfriend are responsible for the debt. I don't want to discourage you but always remember that you are in a new environment and you need to be a little vigilant and get some guys that you can trust that have been there a while to talk to about situations that seem a little weird.. You can also go to the Asian Sex blog and post questions in comments and we would love to help you out


Asian Sex Vacation