Bangkok Sex Districts

Sex District Soi Cowboy

Bangkok or Bangcock however you pronounce it is the sex capitol for Asia maybe even the world with Bangkok 3 main sex districts and some smaller sex destination areas makes Bangkok a must for any one who is serious about having sex with a Asian Lady Most of the ladies are Thai women but there are also women around from crazy places like Russia, Laos, Cambodia and Africa that are looking to meet up with you. Thailand sex Holiday

Bangkok Sex Nana

The biggest sex district would Soi Nana area with the hub being Nana Plaza which has 30 bars in one small half block area and then it spreads from there in all directions if you would go from Soi 4 Nan to Soi Cowboy which is another area close by the total area is a couple of miles loaded with beer bars, Discos, go go bars, massage parlors, coffee shops, pool halls and street walkers just hanging out on the street or late at night at the little street bars and restaurants that pop up after 11 pm.

Basically any way they can market it short of saying Fuck Here they will have available. The famous places are the Beer Bar on Soi 7 always full of Thai freelancers on the prowl, Therme Coffee shop pretty much a Japanese hang out now, the Grace hotel where lots of Russians can usually be found ,Dynasty hotel and Nana Hotel lobbies. One of the most famous Massage parlors is Annie's Massage, a slip and slide on Soi Nana behind the Raj hotel.

Bangkok Sex Fetish

Patpong is the oldest sex district in Bangkok and as far as size the area that it covers is around 4 blocks now these are big blocks and the area has allot of variety as well. A word of caution in this area you are more likely to have problems in some of the go go bars with them charging stupid rates for drinks and then jacking you up, If it happens the police are only so helpful at getting some of your money back, so it is a good idea to find out what the price of a drink is before you go in. Us we stay away from this area mostly as why go through the potential hassle.  lots of beer bars here some of them quite good and if a Thai Woman smiles at you, she probably is in the game and you should start a conversation if you are interested in her. There are a couple of no hands bars in the Patpong area as well, but for No hands bars the place to head to for great head is Pattaya which is a giant sex district makes all of the Bangkok sex areas seem insignificant. Japanese sex district

BAngkok Street Walker

Soi Cowboy is a smaller area but is allot of fun for a night the big draw here is the Long Gun show at 11PM still a good time after all these years. Lots of little massage places and beer bars around this area which is very safe close by on Soi 33 35 is a area of specialty bars offering more targeted menus for the fetish players this is the place to go lots of Japanese bars in this area they are not owned by Japanese but the Japanese are the largest group of customers

Bangkok Sex Districts