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Sex, Asian Women & White Men?

Asian Fountain of Youth

Asian Fountain of Youth!

Ask a white woman and she just would not understand or she would pretend not to understand what the sexual attraction is, but they do know when White men & Asian women hook up that there chances of getting their man back are slim! Asian women are for western men a fountain of youth, they make them feel like young men again, what man wouldn't want to feel younger?

Sex Asian Women White Men

Erotic Women

The idea of an Asian woman is erotic to western men. Lets face it Asian Women are very different on many levels from their western counterparts. Asian Women for the most part grew up in male oriented societies where the man makes the rules and the woman is there to take care of the man. So when the man wants to go out bowling there is not a firestorm of quilt thrown at them. The Asian ladies understand that men need time with other men.

Physically Asian ladies tend to be smaller and demure these qualities are also very sexy to men at an instinctual level, we are hard wired to make the species gene pool wider and the Asian gals’ different look feeds this instinct.

Super Pussy


If a man takes care of the household from a financial stand point; they are also more prone to turn a blind eye if the men find themselves entwined with other women, as long as he does not bring it home. In most relationships with white women sex with another woman is all most always a sure deal ender and if there is a marriage involved there is going to be a lot of divorces; In Asia, divorces are much less likely when the man is getting laid outside of the marriage.

Super Sexy

What White Men Want!

Some white men like the idea of a strong and independent woman but the majority given there druthers would go with a less dominate type. Asian women are hard workers and many times they take care of the home front by themselves and will run the family business as well, but they back off and defer to the men when it comes time for a major decision, this will make life a lot easier and less stressful for all involved. How many times do you see white men getting absolutely hen pecked by their western girlfriends or wives over the stupidest small issues?

Hot sex in Asia

Asian Women

Asian Women like to please their man, so they tend to be more animated in the bedroom. Sex does not have such a negative guilty image in Asian societies as you will find in the west. Men who get the same thing, and infrequently at that, when they do sample the delights of an Asian woman, you can be sure are going to be looking for more.   Wonder why all the guys turn and look when another white man has an Asian woman on his arm their jealous and that is also why the white woman will smack him for looking!

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